What is FitnessFatLoss


“Through the principles we believe in, our aim is to help you and the people you care about learn how to take your health and quality of life to a level you deserve”


FitnessFatloss: Small group training, Big personal results.


What is FitnessFatloss?

  • Small group training sessions (maximum of 6) that combine the results of personal training with the dynamic of exercising with others

  • Provide a supportive, inspiring, social environment where everyone involved continually strives to learn and progress themselves in like-minded company

  • Sessions aim to be fun and effective for each and every individual with valuable information about nutrition and other lifestyle factors that can be used straight away

  • Our part is to always be honest, upfront and genuine. Open to questions and queries at any time. We’ve learned that effective communication is essential. Your part is to give it a go!

One – One consultation:

–    Look after number 1 and enjoy the most personalised service we offer.

–    After meeting in a location of your choice for a chat, we work together to develop the type of program that suits you best.

–    With constant email, text and phone support as well as meeting up in-person, we will work on the aspects that you feel comfortable with and will get the best results. It doesn’t always mean exercising till you drop!

Body Fat measuring:

–    When asked what most people would like to improve in their health, many would say ‘lose weight’. Hence the dreaded scales are most people’s gauge at how healthy they are. Unfortunately your weight does not always give the best representation of how you’re doing. If weight is what you want to lose, chop an arm off and a stone will disappear in an instant!

–    When we find out more, the true aim is improving your body composition. For many this means decreasing fat and increasing muscle (which gives you your shape and defined appearance)

–    Using callipers is one of the best and inexpensive ways of measuring your body  composition. With our highly trained staff you will learn you vital stats and the real figures you’d like to work on!

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