Welshy and Healthy

Welshy and healthy – A fun look celebrating your health all Wales has to offer! And the gym won’t be mentioned once 🙂

On March 1st Wales celebrates St. David’s day. So as a slight break from the norm and also to have a bit of fun, I thought we’d look at how to have the healthiest Welsh day ever, celebrating your health and all that the land of our fathers has to offer….. and the gym won’t be mentioned once!

What to eat?

Breakfast: Cockles and Lava bread. As you all know, anything green is a sure fire hit to be good for you (no, not absinthe ;-), and due to the mineral content it gains from the salt water it grows in lava bread packs a nutritional punch that is hard to beat. Couple that with local cockles for protein, B vitamins, magnesium (the list goes on…) and you’ll have a breakfast that will keep you fired up for hours

Lunch: Cawl. No welsh day would be complete without this dish. Traditionally used to stretch out the last few ingredients on the shelf, cawl can provide a fantastic way to boost your vegetable intake, and on a cold blustery day is a real God send.

Dinner: For the Welsh that travel, they will know how famous Wales is for one creature in particular… sheep. Welsh lamb is rated as some of the best in the world, couple this with the national vegetable, leeks, and you have dinner that not only tastes amazing but couldn’t be better for sky rocketing your health.


  • Walking or cycling through the breathtaking country side and coastal paths.
  • Wales is obviously known for its rugby traditions, but as Papa Coates keeps telling me, when he moved to Wales from Lancashire years ago he was very impressed with the range of facilities and sports available. This is mainly due to a passion for sport and a huge number of amazing volunteer coaches that provide a chance for people to try a sport for a fraction of the price it would be in other parts of the UK. So why not try a sport you’ve either never considered or always wanted to have a go at.
  • And for those who feel inclined to, why not slap on the outfit and folk dance away to your heart’s content! A great social, fun and dynamic way to move your body.

REMEMBER THE GOAL, it’s to get healthy whilst ENJOYING the process, not punishing and berating yourself whilst doing things you hate! Love is always a stronger and longer lasting motivator than fear. Have a great St David’s day.


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