Weight training – Are you sure it won’t make me bulky?!!

A major area that many are weary of when starting out with exercise is weight training. This is completely understandable. As so often is the case with health, fitness and nutrition if you do the exact opposite of whatever the mainstream media advise you won’t be far off the truth! Regarding weight training, a common perception is that they will make you bulky, slow, increase blood pressure, not lose fat and make you grunt like a Russian called Sergei! Also, ‘free weights’ are usually in a separate section in the gym which is commonly full of men that can be quite intimidating and dumbells come with no instruction manual so unless taught it is very hard to know what to do and can be very dangerous is used incorrectly.

So why should I use them? I don’t want to have big muscles! Won’t they make me bulky??!!

A major reason most people train is to look and feel better. Ok, lets not beat around the bush, most train to look better naked! Am I wrong?! To do this, the first thing that needs addressing is body fat levels. Exercise can obviously help with this but as with most things in life there are ways that will get you there a lot quicker. The best way to do this with exercise (and most other things to be honest) is managing your hormones. As we all can testify, these substances can be pretty powerful! And the best hormones for fat loss are growth hormone and testosterone.

As soon as I mention testosterone, what are the images that come to mind??!! Let me guess; grunting, hair, men, sweat.. etc etc Am I right?! A major fear for most women is that weight training will increase their testosterone and make them manly and bulky. So let’s bust that myth right now, women do not produce nearly enough testosterone to produce these effects. The only way they could is by importing many illegal substances from deepest darkest Russia and weight training for 38hrs/day!So it is nearly impossible for recreational female exercisers to put on large amounts of muscle and get ‘bulky’.

Quick side fact: Testosterone is also the hormone of confidence and self belief. That’s why most men invariably overestimate how good they look and most women underestimate how good they look, so weight lifting can seriously help lift mood and self confidence. Growth hormone however can be increased in women by weight training, resulting in a whole host of effects:

– Increases the amount of fat burning muscle you have which gives you the ‘toned’ shape most are after, feeling and looking a lot better in your clothes and out of them!

– Longer life expectancy

– Growth hormone is fantastic for nails, skin, eye health etc. Fountain of youth anyone?!

– Best way to get rid of saddle bags and bingo wings (no more muffin tops!)

– Stronger bones and immune system

– Healthier pregnancy

And many many more. For much more indepth info read:


Side note: Please make sure you have professional instruction before starting a weight training program. Find the people who are getting the results you want and find out what they’re doing!!


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