The Wheel of Health: Part 1

The Wheel of Health: What it is and how it can change everything! Part 1

Have you ever noticed that you can get really good in one area yet you let the others slip? Or you get great results for so long and then you plateau but you can’t think why? The wheel of health can help…

If you’ve read enough of our articles or worked with us at any time, the chances are you would have come across the wheel of health at some point (by the way, if you can come up with a catchier name for it please let us know!)

The wheel of health is a very simple yet powerful tool you can use, firstly to assess where you are in regards to your health goals and secondly to track your progress.

Why do I need to assess and track progress?

Paul Chek says “if you’re not assessing you’re guessing”. Whenever you plan a journey with your GPS you need to put in two things: your start point and where you want to end up (get ready for a couple more cracking quotes):

“You can row as hard as you like, but it doesn’t matter if the boat is heading in the wrong direction”

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”

Love a good quote.

It sounds silly with the GPS example, but it’s very true and it’s the same with your health, without knowing where you are or where you’re going you’ll waste a huge amount of effort and probably won’t get to where you want to go.


The wheel of health is a spider diagram allowing you to mark yourself out of 10 in several areas that affect your health. Why does this help? Many times, when people are trying to improve their health, they do very well with their exercise but after a while the improvements plateau. This can be very frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re doing ‘everything’.

What this tool can do is give ideas on how to break through the plateau, e.g. your exercise is going very well (you give yourself 8/10), but your sleep could be terrible (2/10). So improving the quantity and quality of your sleep could be the next challenge you take on.

But what is 10/10 sleep??

As you can imagine we cannot cover all aspects of using this tool in today’s article. So next week we’ll go through how you can mark yourself in each category, hopefully giving a clearer picture of where you are and what things you could work on that will really take your health to the next level. Have a great week.


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