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“My people die for a lack of knowledge”

Learn about these simple switches you can make in your food planning that could boost your health, without too much of the pain that comes from change

The world seems to be going a little carb crazy at the moment. In the 80’s we were brainwashed that fat was the enemy (my mother still has a heart attack when I fry my nuts in butter as a healthy snack). Meat was then castigated as the source of all evil, especially when the china study came out (where a vegetarian diet was highly encouraged). These days it’s all about low carb.

Let’s talk sense for a second

Common sense, believe it or not, is actually very common. It’s very common for people to know what foods actually help them to improve their health. We can’t go too far wrong with quality foods cooked from scratch, that are as close to their natural state as possible. This however takes work, which we like to avoid at all costs, so we would rather kid ourselves that a convenient ‘low carb healthy cereal bar’ is better for us than roasting some ‘carby’ vegetables dressed with oil.

The simplified version of low carb is this:

  • If you’re looking to lose body fat, reducing the amount of sugary foods and starchy/white carbohydrates (cereals, flours, breads, rice, pasta) will produce good results. Watch this short video I made for you to help on this topic.
  • Learning to manage your sugar levels will provide more benefits than just around you middle, this article will serve you best by clearly stating the following obvious point, which we all try ignore more than run down batteries in the TV remote…

To improve anything, especially your health, 

you will have to work hard and change things. And change often isn’t easy or pain free. 

If it was, we’d all look as good as the dancers on ‘Strictly’

With that said…

I am definitely a fan of avoiding any unnecessary pain when it comes to change. So if you would like to reduce body fat and improve a whole host of health markers, here are some changes to your diet that are not that painful but do yield some pretty impressive results:

  1. Cauliflower rice as a replacement for normal rice. 

Type this into google and it will come up with loads of “how to’s” and recipes. I simply grate the cauliflower, dry fry it in a wok (or with sesame oil is stunning) and serve it as you would rice.

  1. Spiralized vegetables


As you can see in the picture, these machines produce spaghetti type shapes with vegetables that have a far better impact on your blood sugar than white flour spaghetti. You can boil them like usual spaghetti, but my favourite is to gently fry them in butter. Here is a video of another kind of spiralizer.

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