Restoration First

The KEY that’s even more important than weight loss… believe it or not!

What’s the one thing that many experts believe to be the top priority when we think about improving our bodies?

When we look to improve our bodies, many of us will go straight for the jugular and target fat loss (or muscle size, strength etc.) straight away.  Is this wrong? It doesn’t have to be, but I do believe we need to be careful. Why? Let’s use my relationship with my wife to demonstrate (obviously… 😉

If my wife and I have a disagreement and both of us are totally focussed on convincing the other that ‘we are right and you are wrong’, you can imagine that it would not get resolved quickly. If anything, the disagreement would probably escalate into a bigger argument where we are both stubbornly standing our ground and will definitely not concede. At this point resolution seems impossible!  Ever been there?!

To continue and grow in the relationship RESTORATION must be the goal, not who’s right and who’s wrong. The same must apply for our bodies.

We put our bodies through some amazingly tough challenges; Years of working, lack of sleep, toxin consumption, travelling, not fuelling or moving it properly, the list goes on. The fact that our bodies are so amazingly designed can actually lull us into a false sense of invincibility as the symptoms of our lifestyles may not show up for years.

If you buy a house that needs work doing to it and you just give it a lick of paint, it may look pretty good for a while but the underlying problems will soon rear their head! This is why, when we look to improve our bodies, we probably need to do a bit more restorative work than we think. So the primary goal must be restoration of health.

But I wanna lose weight?

Aiming to lose excess weight is a very good thing, but as mentioned above, health must be a priority otherwise any weight you lose will quickly return…! When we aim at restoring health, it may take a little longer, but the results will be more than you could ever expect, and weight loss will come as a nice side effect.

So how do I ‘restore my health’? Here are some quick tips

  • Resolve and release yourself from any emotional/relationship/unforgiveness issues straight away. These ruin your health and are not worth a second of your time.
  • Look at your schedule and assess whether you are getting enough quality rest e.g. do you have enough sleep, time to eat good food, water or relaxation time without email/work/stressful or distracting situations?
  • Get a professional to assess how you move. Going straight into high intensity exercises is not always the best idea. Learning how to mobilise stiff joints and move correctly can increase the amount of energy you have dramatically


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