Project Restoration – Part Two

How focussing on recovery can sky rocket your results

Last week in part 1 we discussed how one of the most sought after things is to have MORE ENERGY. How many times have you heard people say things like “I just feel tired all the time”?

So we started PROJECT RESTORATION. Over the next few weeks I will share with you some tools that you can use instantly to RESTORE you to what you were designed to be: lean, strong, healthy and full of energy.

Restoration tool #1MOVEMENT

A common misconception out there is that FIT = HEALTHY. This is not always the case. Most elite athletes have trained their bodies to be excellent at their given sport, but many are constantly fighting injuries or illnesses. It is the same for us in the general population; exercise is a very good way of improving our energy levels, but if we want more energy, more intense exercise isn’t always the answer.

So what do we do?

If you’re feeling low on energy, movement will always help. What type of movement you do is the crucial bit. As we’ve just talked about, sometimes performing intense exercise when you’re already exhausted can make things worse. So what do you do instead? Here are 3 ideas:

  • Get outside and go for a walk. Being outside with the fresh air, the sights the smells does more good than we know. And if you can walk barefoot for a bit on grass, earth or sand for even more benefits (read here for why
  • Set aside a few minutes in your day to stop, take a few deep breaths and stretch. Deep, slow breathing (using the diaphragm, here’s how ) is fantastic at reducing stress and blood pressure. Combine this with your favourite stretches to further release tension and you’ll leave feeling more energised and a little less stiff.
  • Play. Yes, you’re allowed! Most grown-ups have forgotten how to and how good it feels to just mess about for a while. Be it in the park with your kids, throwing a ball or frisby with some friends or dancing on your own in the house to your favourite song go be silly for a while and watch what happens to your mood [Symbol]

How do you know if intense exercise is not appropriate on a particular day? Listen to your body. If you feel more exhausted at the end of it instead of it picking you up or you are not capable of doing what you normally do then the above choices will usually bring you a better result.

Next week we’ll talk about how to use specific food and drinks to fit into your PROJECT RESTORATION. Have a great week.

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