Project Restoration – Part Three

How focusing on recovery can sky rocket your results

Did you know that you are designed to be lean, strong, healthy and energised? That’s your default setting! There are many factors however in modern day life that are taking us away from our design. This is why we started PROJECT RESTORATION, where we share tools you can use instantly to RESTORE you to what you were designed to be.

In week 1 we described one of the most powerful tools you will ever come across yet no one talks about, then last week we talked about how you can use different types of movement (and importantly, the appropriate movement for you at any given time) to energise and heal instant of drain you and cause pain.

This week we’ll be tackling one of the biggest issues in the world when it comes to how much energy you have and consequently how you feel.….. What we put in our mouths.

How does what we eat and drink affect our energy, mood and waistline??

Your body is made up of millions and millions of cells. Cells die and new ones are made constantly. What are these cells made out of? You guessed it, what we put in our mouths. The quality of your cells can determine how your joints feel, mood swings, energy levels and tonnes of other things. Just like you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken poo, the better the fuel you put into the system the better you’re going to look and feel.

We’ve talked lots of times about food quality, so today I’m going to address another aspect of nutrition: quick fixes.

When mid-morning strikes or you’re approaching the middle of the afternoon, have you ever thought “oh, a little coffee or chocolate now would be just the thing”? Our energy drops and we feel a little sugar or caffeine would be perfect for a quick energy boost.

We’ve all done it. I used to be pretty much addicted to coffee for these pick me ups. The danger with using caffeine and sugar is that it’s a short term high that has long term problems:

  • Increases chances of diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Mood & energy swings due to fluctuating sugar and hormone levels
  • Body decreases ability to handle sugar or stress leading to weight gain and anxiety challenges

So what’s the answer?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my coffee and have an espresso every morning. Life’s too short sometimes! But I have found superb additions as a snack are green smoothies. Smoothies (using a juicer is also a good option) are a great way to get in extra veg and fruit. They add crazy amounts of energy, they really help to shed the pounds and they just makes me feel really good.

For more important info on the benefits of juicing and smoothies and how to start click here. Today I’d like to share with you my current favourite: The Green Energy Machine. Add all the following to a liquidizer or juicer and vary the amounts to your taste:


  • Handful of spinach
  • Half a courgette
  • Half a cucumber (or celery)
  • Thumb piece of ginger
  • Half a pear
  • Half an apple
  • Juice of half a lemon

I’d love to get your feedback on how you find it. My advice would be try it as a snack for two weeks and see how you feel.

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