Project Restoration – Part Four

How focusing on recovery can sky rocket your results

Did you know that you are designed to be lean, strong, healthy and energised? That’s your default setting! There are many factors however in modern day life that are taking us away from our design. This is why we started PROJECT RESTORATION, where we share tools you can use instantly to RESTORE you to what you were designed to be.

In part 1, part 2 and part 3 we covered some extremely powerful tools and today we’re going to cover an equally powerful tool that is one of my favourites:



I think the world is slowly realising that it’s not macho or admirable to ‘survive’ on 3 hours sleep a night. There are the famous examples of world leaders like Margaret Thatcher who are said to have done it, but they are very rare.

Our creator has generously left clues we can seek out and use to improve the way we look and feel. Sleep is one of the biggies. In modern living we can often fall into the trap that faster, more and busier is better. I’m all for working towards being the best you can be and dreaming big, but there’s a little trick we’re missing…

STOP….. to go forward faster

Whenever the batteries used to run out in our TV remote control, I’d roll them as if it would magically make them last longer! It worked once or twice but eventually we’d have to re-charge them. Your body’s ability to recover from lack of sleep is remarkable. For instance you may have to work the odd late night or pick your mother up from the airport at 3am. This is fine and maybe essential (especially keeping your mother happy). But if we keep pushing our bodies whilst taking away its recovery time, we become a ticking time bomb.

Not many people know that between 10pm-2am is when your body repairs its physical structures (joints, muscles etc.) between 2am-6am it repairs the psychogenic side (mental). So if I was to consistently go to bed at midnight, I am taking away half my body’s physical recovery time.

The thought of changing our sleeping habits is a daunting one. I used to be a real night owl not hitting the hay till 2am. But once I realised how many of my aches and pains were being helped by more sleep, slowly going to bed earlier helped acclimatise my body to an earlier time.

I dare you…

If you ever feel a little run down and have a few aches and pains I would really encourage you to try this experiment: For one week, dedicate as much time as you can to sleep. Put it in your schedule, tell your family and friends, do whatever it takes, but get to bed as early as you can and sleep as much as possible. Just watch how you feel…

Have a great week  

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