Parent Fit – Part Six

When children arrive, all your health goals go out of the window right…? This week: How to use one of the most important tools you possess

In this series we’ve been looking into ideas that actually support a healthy lifestyle when children arrive (or any other life situation that turns your world upside down).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may find this hard to believe, but I’m not actually a midwife J . Please do not take these ideas as prescriptions, see your health professional before you do anything.

The power of the mind

When looking for help on a certain subject, it’s very tempting to go straight to the action points, the tips, tricks and strategies that promise improvement. Is this wrong? Not necessarily, but there are some downfalls.

The home gym equipment industry is huge. Yet how many people do you know have treadmills that are now £400 coat hangers?! Is it that they don’t know how to work it? Or is there a lack of treadmill training programs on the internet? I think you know the answer to those.

It must start with a decision

1) When challenging times arrive (and I think we agree having a child is challenging), we usually revert back to default mode. What does this mean? It means our behaviour will match our core values. I’m sure you can think of a friend who always seems to be starting a new diet and on a fitness blast only to be found in the bakery two weeks later. There could be many reasons for this, but one main one is that they don’t have health as a core value.

If you want anything to succeed long term, like your health for example, it must become important to you. So important, that you will live it as a lifestyle the majority of the time, even when things get tough.

The best way to do this is to develop a love for it. To help, in this article I explain ways you can do this

2) Basing your actions in love makes everything a whole lot easier (remember all the things you’d do when you were first going out with your partner?!) Even though the mum goes through far more obviously, a huge event has just happened that really affects both parents. Make the focus of this season restoration.

So when it comes to eating healthily and taking the time to move when you are a new parent, see it as a gift your giving yourself, the gift of movement, nourishment through food, rest, sleep etc. You’ll be better for it, your marriage will be better for it and I can guarantee your child will be too!

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