New Year Starts – Exercise

New Year Starts – Exercise: #TIPS on How to start, make it safe, fun & effective

With many of us wanting to shed a few pounds after the Christmas break; exercise can help tremendously to get you where you want to be. Although not essential for weight loss (other factors like food and mindset are far more important), exercise is crucial for aiding with health issues like heart health, mood, joint pain, diabetes, strength, balance and many more.

For a lot of people, and this is the view of so many I’ve talked to, the thought of exercise conjures up horrid images of lycra clad women and muscle bound men, strutting around a gym giving you evil looks for even stepping a foot in ‘their domain’! Firstly most gyms aren’t like that, and secondly you can get all the health benefits you want from exercise and not even step foot in one.

So here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. If you’re brand new to exercise, or haven’t done it for a while: take your time. It’s very easy to dive in head first and do too much, resulting in extreme muscle soreness, drop in confidence or even injury. And of course none of these help the feelings you associate with exercise. So start gently and build up slowly
  2. Get advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I remember trying to fix my own car once (and I know nothing about cars!), not only did I waste my own time and not solve the problem but I actually made it worse and ended up taking it to the garage anyway! Your body is the most complicated, amazing piece of creation you will ever own and the people who know what they’re talking about can not only get you to your goals quicker but it will be a lot safer.

Quick tip on how to find a good trainer/therapist: I have found it is much more reliable to go by good recommendations from friends you trust than fancy advertising

  1. Find something you enjoy. If you hate exercising alone and you hate the gym, then don’t exercise in the gym alone! This may sound like a silly statement but I see it ALL the time. You guys are clever enough to guess how long these people’s exercising career lasts! Do you prefer exercising with friends? Then maybe find an exercise class you can all go to. Do you prefer playing a sport? Look for a local club. Do you prefer to be outside? Research and arrange outdoor activities to have a go at, or simply just start with short walks around our gorgeous countryside and coastal paths. Do you like listening to music while you exercise? Load up your music player with music you absolutely love and go for it.
  2. Monitor what you do. If you do go to the gym get a program from someone who knows what they’re doing. IF you’re walking outside, note how long you walk for and/or how far you go. Following a designed program instead of aimlessly wandering around the gym dramatically increases your results. Make sure to change it up every 4-6 weeks, otherwise your body will get used to it and your results will decrease.

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