Making awesome the new norm…

Once you’ve starting getting some results, how do you make them stick, how do you make them the new norm?!

One of the best days in your life, is when you realise you are not the best thing since the discovery of baked sweet potato and half a pack of butter. When you learn that profound lessons can come from the mouth of a 7 year old, the world suddenly opens up and life changing lessons are everywhere.

A prime example of this is when I was talking to a good friend of mine who is an accountant. Although our conversation had nothing to do with health and fitness he provided one of the most impacting revelations I’ve had for a while.

This chap is an expert at helping people with their finance and he shared a phrase I’d never heard before: It’s one thing to get out of the red, it’s another thing to stay in the black.

What on earth does this mean?

He explained that getting people out of debt is only a part of solving the problem. Many of his clients, wiped all their debts only to find a few short months later, they were back in debt again.

Why is this? Because it is a mindset. 

As strange as it sounds, people had to get used to the idea of being in credit.

How does this relate to your health? 

Getting used to the health results you’ve achieved is often challenging and rarely talked about. It often takes time or, a ‘re-calibration’ period, to make the results you’ve achieved (e.g. you are now a size 10 instead of the size 16 you always have been) the new ‘norm’.

This is the normal path of progress, so don’t worry. You will have ups and downs and even entertain the thought of going back to where you were due to the strange sense of certainty it offers. Don’t give in to it.

So what ways can help make the new changes ‘the norm’?

  • You are who surrounds you. Create an environment where the results you have just achieved are normal for the people around you. If you’re the strongest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room. This also may mean avoiding certain people for a while.
  • You are what you read and watch. Do you find reading certain books, articles, taking certain classes help keep you on track?

Alpha challenge:

Have a look at your week. What ways can you schedule in that help you make progress the new norm?

Go for higher; it’s what you were designed for.

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