Getting rid of belly fat

GETTING rid of belly fat is one of the most common topics out there. Many of the points listed here you will know, some you may never have thought of and others could just be a nice reminder!


Getting rid of belly fat


1. Make sure you stay hydrated and reduce toxins by drinking enough water. Increase your intake slowly, ultimately aiming for two to three litres each day.

2. Eat breakfast. Include some kind of protein and very little if any sugary foods.

3.Consider eliminating gluten (which is found in most wheat products like white bread and pasta) which can cause inflammation in the stomach area and joints.

4.If you feel any other foods that cause bloating, take them out of your diet for two weeks and see how you feel.

5.Eliminate all processed foods. These are death and big belly in a shiny packet!

6.Try and get as much fibre as possible. The best sources are from leafy green vegetables and dark fruit (keep the skins on!).

7. Move – You don’t have to be doing strenuous exercise 10 times a week, just aim to be as active as possible and pick activities you enjoy.

8. Choose exercises that use as many muscles as possible over isolation exercises. For example squatting will burn more calories than sit ups.

9. Reduce the amount of sugary foods, which go straight to your hips.

10. Most green foods balance your body’s pH levels, leading to increased energy and decreased body fat. Target as many green vegetables as possible.

11. Ensure you get enough sleep.

12. Manage stress levels. Stress is one of the major causes of health problems and belly fat. Here’s why and a few pointers on how you can combat it. When our stress levels rise our body thinks we’re in for troubling times ahead, if we’re always worrying and stressing our body responds by laying down fat over the vital organs (belly) for protection and fuel reserves.

13. Forgive. Unforgiveness harbours bitterness that if not dealt with can lead to elevated stress levels and many health problems many wouldn’t even imagine is linked to unforgiveness. Make a list of those you need to forgive and do it. Remember, they don’t always have to be there for you to forgive them!

14. Grateful journal: Being aware of what we have and being grateful for it dramatically reduces stress levels. Buy yourself a nice notebook and each night write down three things in your life that you are truly grateful for.

15. Don’t pressure yourself by setting unattainable and unsustainable goals. Remember: Baby steps.

As you can see, these are bullet point tips. Visit the website for more in depth info and practical steps on each one. If any of these particularly grab your attention write in to and I’ll write an article on your topic!

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