Finally we’re allowed to be childish! – Part 3

How taking tips from children’s movement, creativity and sense of play can help you get to your targets a whole lot quicker.

In this series we’ve been looking at the physical benefits of becoming completely childish again! In other words, how re-teaching our bodies some of the movements we find difficult (and that children can do without thinking about) can ease pain, help us lose weight and generally feel a lot more energised.

Now these movements don’t only have physical benefits

Western culture is very logical and analytical, which is predominantly orchestrated by the left side of our brain (this is a huge generalisation so please forgive me for chopping down a massive topic into 400words). This means our creative right side doesn’t get accessed as often.

If you use the right side of your brain more, your body becomes a lot more integrated. What does this mean? A body that is more integrated taps into stores of energy you never knew existed, allowing you to achieve more of your potential than you ever thought possible. It’s a bit like only being able to use half the throttle on a motorbike, then suddenly having access to the whole thing.

How will this make me feel better?

As all of us were ‘created’ you by nature are ‘creative’. So no matter what your teacher said at school you have a creative side. And if this creative side is suppressed, and it is commonly in our society by things like the education system and the workplace, you will not be able to vent your emotions properly, and just like a balloon that keeps filling with air without a vent, it will eventually pop. Lo and behold, things like depression, stimulant addiction, self-image issues are rife.

Going back to our topic, this is why I am so passionate about this subject. It is because learning to move like we used to, play, create etc can release a creativity in you that will improve your mood, energy, body shape so much you won’t know what to do with it.

So how do we do this?

This is actually a very good question, because for many of us, if we are not told what to do, we freak out! So today I’m going to really challenge you: I want you to pick two points in an open space and move between those two points with whatever movements you want. It could be rolling, crawling, jumping, dancing, twisting, walking on your toes, anything! I’ll warn you now, at first you won’t have a clue what to do and feel really stupid. But don’t care less what anyone thinks, this will take you to a level of physical and emotional health you’ve never known.

I’d love you to have a go at it, have a great week. Adam

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