February Fatloss tips

For some, at this time of year, the enthusiastic resolutions of the New Year seem a long time ago. Research has shown that over 90% of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by now.

But for those of you who have made your mind up and are sticking with it (firstly, well done), we’ve put together a list of quick tips and tricks that will help keep you on track and give you ideas on how to progress.

  •  “If you don’t assess you guess”. Always start by measuring something so you know if you’re methods are working or not. Here are a few ways to do it:


  • Photos of yourself in the mirror
  • Tape measure
  • Use one piece of clothing (pic of me with a measuring tape around me)
  • Take out as many variables as possible by measuring on the same time and day each week.


  • Last week my mother-in-law completely disregarded my fat loss ambitions and taught a young Korean chap how to bake, so he can go home and start a business. Yes, I know, very selfish. The lesson to learn here:

We all have our weak points (especially at the start of our journey), so if you ever come across a deluge like this one, RUN. It sounds silly, but you cannot eat if you are not in the kitchen.

If fat loss if your goal, limit domino foods (once you start eating them you can’t stop) like nuts and humus to one portion/day. Although they are extremely healthy for us and it’s not all about calories, swimming in a tub of almond butter every day can put an abrupt halt on your fat loss ambitions.

Keep a food diary. This is a huge one. Simply recording what you eat does two things:

  • Makes you realise how much you eat and/or all the little snacks you didn’t realise were going in!
  • Recording what you eat causes you to make thousands of sub conscious decisions every day regarding what you eat as you are more aware of it. This is even more so if you know you have to show it to someone who is holding you accountable to it

PLAN YOUR MEALS. Each week, write out the meals you’re having then shop for the ingredients. Ideally have very little other food in the house, apart from the food within the meal plans. This takes out so much stress and impulse eating.


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  1. Josie says:

    Hey you , you cheeky monkey ! If I’d known you were going to tell the healthy gang about my two day not so good cooking bonanza then I would have chased you out of the kitchen with my rolling pin !!!!! But I forgive you cos you didn’t show my face .It does look good though even if I say it myself !!!

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