Fatloss Tips – Nutrition

Last month we put together a list of short and sharp fat loss tips. They were so popular that we’re going to put together a couple more lists. And to hopefully further help, we thought we’d categorise them so you could work at one thing at a time (which seems to be the most effective way at approaching a new task, from a results and sustainability point of view).

This week – Nutrition

  •  Starting the day with good quality fats and protein has been shown to improve people’s body composition (i.e. they become leaner) and because most of our brains biochemistry is made from fat, it can help us to think better and clearer throughout the day.
  • If you’re going to eat that treat, sit down and enjoy it. Don’t be a ‘treat ninja’ and stuff your face in secret
  • Adding things like lemon, lime and vinegar products to your foods and/or drinking water can help your body handle sugary foods better. It also helps balance out the acid/alkali balance in your body (which when balanced gives you more energy and can lead to your weight normalising)
  • You are how you eat. Stress pretty much shuts down the digestive system. So when we eat in this state (e.g. in a rush, watching an action film), we don’t digest our food as well. It can even sit there fermenting and becoming more and more toxic for hours at a time. This can lead to bloating, a lack of energy and irregular releases of the brown sausages. Relax. Chew your food. Enjoy it.
  • Eat anything green! Green foods improve the acid/alkali balance in your system which can improve energy and speed up fat loss. Challenge yourself to have something green with every meal (tip: a cheeky sprinkle of green herbs is a great addition to any meal)
  • Herbs and spices are nutrient powerhouses. Not only do they contain tremendous health properties they make things taste ridiculous. With the amount of benefits their finding in turmeric, it’ll probably solve world peace and the refugee crisis by Christmas.
  • Low carb is great, but don’t kid yourself. Eating more leafy greens instead of bread/rice/pasta, or swopping these things for lower carb alternatives like courgette noodles, spaghetti squash or celeriac mash will undoubtedly help you lose body fat. But I wouldn’t be too concerned about the spoonful of rice, when there’s enough curly wurly’s eaten in-between meals to put a 12 year olds birthday party to shame.

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