Fatloss Tips – It’s All in the Head

Last month we put together a list of short and sharp fat loss tips. They were so popular that we’re going to put together a couple more lists. And to hopefully further help, we thought we’d categorise them so you could work at one thing at a time (which seems to be the most effective way at approaching a new task, from a results and sustainability point of view).

This week – it’s all in your head!

  • There are two main ways to approach fat loss through your diet.  
  • With advice from an expert, plan a 14-30day blast, where you dive in head first. 

Pro: This method can produce jaw dropping results and provide a real kick-start/boost to your healthy lifestyle improvements. Very good for the ‘all or nothing’ personality

Con: It can be too much too soon for some people i.e. too much of a shock to the system and not sustainable.  Also, if you’re not careful, this method can cause a backlash of binge eating at the end of it, causing you to be bigger than you were.

  • Constant baby steps. 

Pro: The side effects are less harsh than the ‘all in method’. You can gradually implement changes to your lifestyle that are not painful and are definitely sustainable e.g. increase your water intake by one glass/day or change one of your daily coffees for a green tea.

Con: The results aren’t as quick, and if you don’t pay attention to your measurables (tape measure, piece of clothing, photos etc) it is easy to lose heart and think nothings happen even if you have made great strides over a longer period.

  • Instead of setting a goal e.g. lose ½ stone, aim to set habit forming challenges e.g. drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. You are a result of the things you do every day. Forming good habits will cause your results to last a lot longer.

Pick a training partner/team to help you on your journey. Pick people who:

  • Already have what you want
  • Are better than you in this area
  • Or are as motivated as you are, if not more so.
  • We are AMAZING at justifying anything to ourselves. Make yourself accountable to someone. Arrange with someone to keep a check on your progress and how you are doing with each weeks challenge. (pic of someone eating a strawberry cheesecake, 1 of my 5/day!)
  • We all fall off the rails at some point. This is life.

Come up with some ‘back on track triggers’ for the times (which are inevitable) you come off the rails. It could be reading an article on health, an inspirational youtube training clip, even a conversation with certain friends can pick you up. Learn what works for you

  • Make the call. With all the tips in the world, no one can ever make you achieve your goals. It has to be your decision.

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