Fatloss Tips – Bonus List!

Last month we put together a list of short and sharp fat loss tips. They were so popular that we’re going to put together a couple more lists. And to hopefully further help, we thought we’d categorise them so you could work at one thing at a time (which seems to be the most effective way at approaching a new task, from a results and sustainability point of view).

This week – Bonus Fatloss tips you may not have thought help!  

  • Burn fat in bed. Did you know that the most potent fat burning hormone in your body peaks at 10.30pm?! But there’s a catch; for you to get the most out of it you need to be in bed asleep. Sleep is when your body repairs and re-charges. And considering all the hard work we put into getting in shape, treating yourself to good nights of sleep is a pleasure you’ll soon come to treasure.
  • Keep hydrated. Thirst is a cheeky one and can often be mistaken for hunger pangs. Smash in a big glass of water, then assess the hunger situation (pic under a waterfall/wet cat)
  • Vitamin D plays a huge part in fat loss. Whenever the sun is out, get in it as much as possible. As well as the vitamin D benefit, I’m sure there are tonnes of great things we don’t even know about yet from being outside in the sunshine.
  • Work on ways to manage your stress levels. Whether it’s journaling, talking things through with a trusted friend, prayer, whatever it is, plan it into your schedule. When our stress levels rise, our body thinks we’re in for troubling times ahead. If we’re always worrying and stressing, our body responds by laying down fat over the vital organs (belly) for protection and fuel reserves. Let go of it bro!
  • Forgive. What a biggie this cheeky one is! Unforgiveness harbours bitterness. If this is not dealt with, it can lead to elevated stress levels and health problems people wouldn’t even imagine is linked to unforgiveness. Make a list of those you need to forgive and do it. Remember, they don’t always have to be there for you to forgive them, and forgiveness is not ‘letting thm off the hook’, it’s releasing yourself. Unforgiveness is drinking poison and expecting someone else to die
  • Keep a Grateful journal – Being aware of what we have and being grateful for it dramatically reduces stress levels. Buy yourself a nice notebook and each night write down 3 things in your life that you are truly grateful for.

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