Diane Cook

“In June 2011 I started training with Adam.  I knew Adam as he had trained my husband for about a year beforehand.  Adam and I discussed my goals and he helped me design a program to meet them.  He is a wonderful trainer, really knows his craft and is an excellent motivator.  He is very passionate about his work and it shows!  With his personalised approach to my training and lifestyle,  I have greatly exceeded even my own expectations.  I’ve lost weight and dropped body fat, while increasing my strength and cardio levels.  Since training my blood pressure is normal – the lowest level its ever been.  I am now in better shape mentally and physically.

What makes Adam different from other trainers is his ability to truly tailor your program to your goals and he is there every step of the way to ensure you reach them.  While my workouts are of course demanding I do look forward to them :), and even more than that I look forward to where I will be in the next 12 months !!  I am in the best shape of my life and I feel healthier than ever !  Thank you Adam !”

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Cheryl Thomas

“I joined Alpha as I was bored of getting nowhere with the gym. It helps you lose the fat in those places you really want to! The classes are hard but great fun”

“In January 2010 I attended a seminar at the Vale Hotel. Having known Adam from the gym and also training my dad i was keen to find out what “Alpha Training” was all about. The only time available to me was first thing in the morning before work; I was skeptical i would be able to make this session each week as it was so early but Adam was so passionate about the training etc I decided to give it a go.

My starting out goals were

1. correct my posture (round shoulders) to prevent stress and pain in the neck and upper back region.
2. correct the curviture of my lower back (lumbar curve) to ease back ache.
3. free up my stiff thoracic spine
4. strengthen my knees
5. strengthen my core
6. strengthen my lower abs
7. improve my diet
8. improve confidence
9. tone up generally

The morning sessions are run by Dan Stuart which last 60 minutes consisting of workout A and workout B. Dan has the ability to motivate and push me beyond my self imposed limits. The Alpha training is fabulous for anyone looking to get fit and live healthier. The exercises are changeable to suit individual needs.

The Alpha Group organise Group Challenge Events which have proved a great success challenging individuals to do something they may not normally do e.g. Walk up Snowdon, Go Ape, 3 Peaks Challenge, Roller Skating, Salsa Dancing, Ten pin bowling etc. At least once a year we meet for a meal.

Although a lot of my goals are still ongoing I feel a lot better physically and mentally and I will stay on this program indefinitely since my ultimate goal is to live longer and healthier.

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Caroline Green

I started with Alpha at the point where my clothes were the tightest that they had ever been, but I was afraid of exercising in the gym because I seemed to pick up injuries after exercise. I knew I could lose weight by dieting or using meal replacement shakes, but wanted a way to reduce fat at a steady rate without feeling that I had to give up all the things I loved.

I knew that personal training sessions helped, but it wasn’t something that I could afford to do on a regular basis. The first realisation for me having joined Alpha was that I was now serious about wanting to get into shape. There was nowhere to hide when the food & exercise diary appeared, later followed by the tape measure! At the same time, I also found that I had friendly support towards achieving my goal (which I hadn’t really thought about previously)and other people taking a real interest in how I was doing, and I didn’t want to let them down. I had already started Amatsu massage with Adam’s colleague, Clare Heal, and knowing that my trainer and therapist were working together to get me into shape gave me the confidence to do the exercises to the full without worrying that it was going to cause injury.

The group training sessions are challenging but enjoyable, even though the exercises are the ones that I would have avoided in the past (the dreaded weight training!) and I have discovered that I actually like going to the gym, rather than just attending to get enough visits for the monthly reward scheme. Eight months down the line and my clothes are now fitting or loose (so I’ve got to go shopping!), I’ve lost 4 ½ inches from my stomach measurement with the other measures also going in the right direction, I feel a lot healthier and am really enjoying exercising without injury. Now I just need to work out my next goal…

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Jane Westcott

One of the true successes of the Llanelli classes, after trying dozens of different diets she joined the classes and in the year she’s been coming not only has she lost over a stone and a half but has changed the way her entire family approaches food. Here’s Jane for herself: “With Alpha it is so much more than just a training session – with the supportive and informative emails and texts, which always give you food for thought!!! I get that extra incentive I sometimes need to keep going and maintain my healthy lifestyle – which more than justified by the results.”

“17th July 2011- as my 2 month old daughter looked on – I chose to change my life for the better by signing up to Alpha’s Fatloss training programme. Since that day I’ve lost almost 2 1/2 stone and my 6 month old daughter has a fitter, healthier, happier Mam! I am truly grateful to my friend Maria for recommending Alpha to me.  Sessions are relaxed, fun, a great de-stresser.  I love ‘me’ time!  Each exercise ‘hits the spot’ and produces fantastic results in a short space of time. Weight loss is controlled and consistent.  It’s a way of life, not a diet – I can still eat out or order a takeaway.

Alpha.BetuCan. ” Siwan Leeke”


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