Here at Alpha we’re pretty keen to celebrate success and have a party for absolutely any reason (as you’ve probably heard from the Ball Gown Bonanza where we all got dressed up in tuxedos and dresses then went to a normal random pub. Loved the looks we had from the locals).

So on June 19 we’re going to enter a team for the second year running at the Llanelli 10k. This is one of the Alpha challenges this year and a few guys have entered to either beat their time last year or even do it for the first time, both of which I think are amazing and cause for a party. So after the race we’re all going to head back to the Llanelli Alpha HQ – Llanelli Tennis Club for a massive summer BBQ. As you can imagine, it will be an absolute meat fest, but there will also be a very special addition to the menu. We all know eating good food plays a major role in the level of health we have which means that certain foods don’t exactly lead to a body that’s going to get all the stares when hitting Costa Del Bournemouth. One such food is cheesecake. Now I LOVE cheesecake as many people do and refused to face the fact that I can’t have it so went on the hunt to find a cheesecake recipe that uses ingredients fitting with the healthy eating plan we promote. I did it and it’s going to make its appearance at the Alpha BBQ.

We’re going to start the day at Festival Fields, Llanelli where the race is going to be held then head over to the Tennis club around one o’clock for the Barbie. So come support the team at the race and then lets have a good feed! Bring a burger, bring a cow bring anything you want (it is fathers day aswell so what better present to give him than a slab of beef and a pair of tongs!)

If you haven’t entered yet and want to challenge yourself follow this link


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