Caroline Green

I started with Alpha at the point where my clothes were the tightest that they had ever been, but I was afraid of exercising in the gym because I seemed to pick up injuries after exercise. I knew I could lose weight by dieting or using meal replacement shakes, but wanted a way to reduce fat at a steady rate without feeling that I had to give up all the things I loved.

I knew that personal training sessions helped, but it wasn’t something that I could afford to do on a regular basis. The first realisation for me having joined Alpha was that I was now serious about wanting to get into shape. There was nowhere to hide when the food & exercise diary appeared, later followed by the tape measure! At the same time, I also found that I had friendly support towards achieving my goal (which I hadn’t really thought about previously)and other people taking a real interest in how I was doing, and I didn’t want to let them down. I had already started Amatsu massage with Adam’s colleague, Clare Heal, and knowing that my trainer and therapist were working together to get me into shape gave me the confidence to do the exercises to the full without worrying that it was going to cause injury.

The group training sessions are challenging but enjoyable, even though the exercises are the ones that I would have avoided in the past (the dreaded weight training!) and I have discovered that I actually like going to the gym, rather than just attending to get enough visits for the monthly reward scheme. Eight months down the line and my clothes are now fitting or loose (so I’ve got to go shopping!), I’ve lost 4 ½ inches from my stomach measurement with the other measures also going in the right direction, I feel a lot healthier and am really enjoying exercising without injury. Now I just need to work out my next goal…

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