Breakfast – Is it really that important?!

For those of you who’ve either worked with us or read these blogs you will know how much emphasis we place on breakfast. Most people have been told how important breakfast is, but why is that and does it matter what we have?! The reason we place so much emphasis on it is not just due to this public opinion, or is it even from the mountains of research that backs the importance of breakfast. The main reason we aim to help everyone with their first meal is that it simply gets results.

So to put it briefly, what does breakfast do for us and why do we recommend a high protein meal?!

– First thing in the morning is the time when our bodies start up and get ready for the day. So the first fuel we put in is crucial. Did you know that most of the mechanisms that control your mood, energy levels and metabolism are improved with good quality protein and fat.

– Even though you may think you will be taking in more calories and at danger of putting on weight if you eat breakfast when you normally don’t, eating first thing kick starts your metabolism so will get better results long term. So aim to eat as close to waking as possible.

– Ever reached mid morning and really felt the need for  a quick pick me up like coffee, biscuits, chocolate etc? Eating a breakfast high in protein will make you feel better throughout the day, feel fuller for longer, have more consistent energy levels, have better focus and really boost fat burning potential. If the first thing we eat is high in sugar (cereals, bagels, toast etc) this sets up the sugar roller coaster which is very hard to stop. This can result in wavering energy levels, increased fat storage, ADHD symptoms (very important for kids in school), poor skin and the hankering for snacks!

So what should we eat?!

To get all the benefits mentioned above aim to include protein of some kind e.g. eggs, ham, good quality sausages/bacon, steak, left over meat from previous evening meal, smoked salmon, mackerel, chicken etc with any vegetable you like (beans, nuts, greens, avocados, tomatoes etc)

Examples could be: Smoked salmon and tomatoes, poached eggs and steamed greens, left over chicken pieces with tobasco sauce and almonds, ham, macadamias and avocado with olive oil and spice rub, pepper and spinach fritata, boiled eggs and beans, soft boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers. There are a million examples but in my experience even when people know what to do they find it hard to do. So here are a few tips to get you on the right road:

1) Plan your meals and make sure you have the ingredients in the house. Not all of us are at our best in the morning, so when starting something new make it as easy as possible for yourself by having everything there

2) Throw out the food you used to eat and know will take you away from the results you want. I know this sounds crazy and wasteful but we are creatures of habit and any chance we have we always revert to type. This means if we come across any challenge in the morning, no matter how small it would be so easy to reach for the special K or bread bin. If they’re not there they can’t do you damage!

3) Stick with the same meals initially to make it easy. Then if you want to mix it up make your meals interesting with seasoning, spices, homemade sauces etc.

4) If you really find it a struggle to change from cereal, break it down into steps by switching to porridge with organic oats and almond or coconut milk

5) Cook in batches. Boiling a batch of eggs or making a big omelette/fritatta makes it so much easier in the morning!

6) Give it a go! As I mentioned we are creatures of habit, and most of us find it a challenge to change our routine. A good way to get around this is give yourself the two week challenge. Plan your breakfasts, go shopping and aim to give these breakfasts a go for two weeks. Then after the two weeks see how you feel. We say this not to try and mess up your morning but to help you get the results you want! Due to the info from popular media and our routines, breakfast is one of the most challenged changes we suggest. What we respond with is this, if I went to a financial advisor to get advice on what to do with my money, the kind chap hands out the advice from his years of experience and what he knows works then I go away, do what he says for a couple of days then go back to what I used to do. My financial situation doesn’t improve whatsoever and I go back to the advisor saying it doesn’t work! I’m not sure he’d allow me back in his office! ha. So give it the breakfast challenge a go and let us know how it goes!

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