About Us

Here at Alpha our passion is to use exercise, lifestyle tips and motivation to help people from all walks of life improve their health and get the most out of life. Alpha Performance & Wellbeing has been set up to help people from any background create a lifestyle that firstly creates results but also is one that can be enjoyed and maintained. Through a structured, supportive and fun environment we are passionate about helping people realise who they are and what they are capable of, especially those who may not think healthy eating and exercise is for them!

As a rather overweight child in Llanelli, South Wales, Adam Coates experienced the challenges many overweight kids face. After trying (and failing!) with many ‘quick fix’ schemes he finally started to learn through research and application what worked for him. These results caused such an impact in his life that a passion to spread this message of health instantly developed. As a result, Alpha Performance & Wellbeing (APW) was set up in 2009. With top industry certifications, university degrees, studying from the best mentors all over the world and constant research our aim is to pass on this knowledge and the benefits we and our clients experience to anyone who is willing to give it a go.

Intro to what we do

Each and every one of us is unique in our own way, wearing different clothes and hairstyles to suit our individuality. So why don’t we treat our bodies with the same precision? Our body is as different to the next person as our fingerprint, so this explains why one diet or exercise regime may produce great results for someone you know but have no affect on you. Have you ever been in the situation where a friend of yours can eat whatever they want and not put on a pound! Annoying isn’t it, we’ve all been there!

So the answer is to create a program that is completely unique to you. That is what we aim to do for you here at Alpha Performance & Wellbeing. Together, we will look at all aspects of your life and gradually construct a program that is achievable, sustainable, enjoyable and most importantly give you the levels of health and wellbeing that you’ve always felt out of reach. Whether it be joining the small group FitnessFatloss classes FitnessFatLoss or the personalised one-one service we’ll work together to find what’s best for YOU.

We believe that life is a fantastic ‘one shot opportunity’ and we should do everything we can to make the most of it. Therefore, could it make sense to look after ourselves so that we can give life our best shot?! Our aim is to help people learn the best way to enable them to do so.

Next step

Starting something new is always a little daunting, so we’ve put together a few options that you can pick from:

Option 1: 

As a gift to help get you started, we’ve created this free ‘6 steps to success’ program. On this program, each day you will receive an article explaining one of the six secrets to lasting health and fat loss.

Then in your own time, work your way through the action points from each article.

Alpha Tip: For some reason, many people get significantly better results when they embark on this adventure with others. Having a go at the challenges, then discussing what you’ve found with others really seems to help people work through the issues that come up (because surprise surprise issues do come up!). And most importantly these discussions can help provide solutions.

Option 2:

If you do want to find out more about our in-person servicesdrop us a message like “Hi, my name’s XXXX, drop me a line about Alpha”. We will then phone you back and arrange a ‘no ties’ chat (usually in a nice comfortable coffee shop!) where you can suss us out and determine if you want to have a go at a free sample session.


Looking forward to hearing from you