A CRUCIAL aspect of health we don’t do anymore…

In today’s fast paced society we rarely give ourselves time to think let alone stop and re-charge our batteries. We keep rushing from one hectic activity to another constantly pouring stress into our already over stressed body. Then we find ourselves constantly tired and wonder why! Today’s society is moving at a pace never seen before and our bodies are not built to deal with it, as a result stress has become one of the leading causes of disease.

relax and breathe

There are two main reasons why I believe we rush around like this:

  • We tend to feel if we’re not busy then we’re being lazy and not productive
  • If we’re taking time out for ourselves then we’re being selfish.


Everything on earth needs a time to relax, calm down and re-charge. It is impossible for any machine/animal/object to run indefinitely without a break. What happens when you know your car needs a service but you keep on running it? Yes you may be able to get away with it for a short while but eventually it’s going to need to go into the garage and get sorted and generally the longer you leave it the more damage there will be! It’s the same with our bodies, if we constantly run it without a break eventually your body will say ENOUGH and burn out. And this burn out can come in many different forms:

  • Constant tiredness and a decrease in productivity
  • Lowering your immune system so that you are more susceptible to illnesses (have you ever known someone who constantly seems to have something wrong with them?!)
  • Serious health issues like heart attacks, strokes or even worse
  • Body fat that just will not budge no matter what you do (even increase in amounts!)


Hit the relax buttonYes that’s right, stress can actually increase the amount of body fat you have. When we are stressed our body thinks we are in danger so releases a hormone called cortisol. Put simply cortisol increases the amount of body fat stored (especially around the belly region) as it feels the need to protect the organs and have an energy source ready to use.

So with these consequences of not taking time to rest when people say they haven’t got time to relax, could it be that they haven’t got time not to.

So, how do we do it?

The key is to find a method that best works at relaxing you and ideally one that you enjoy as well. This could be going for a walk barefoot on grass, stretching, sitting in a dark room listening to your favourite music, going a for a bike ride, escaping to a toilet cubicle and breathing for five minutes! It can be absolutely anything. Having time to yourself is so important, you can re-charge your batteries, decrease the amount of stress hormones (cortisol) your body produces and take a step back and look at things from a different perspective maybe remembering the true reason behind the choices you have made in your life (this process can sometimes re-affirm those choices or highlight the need to change!)

So as Paul Chek says, make an appointment with Dr Quiet, and you’ll be amazed how good it feels and at the improvements that will come in many areas of your life.

Alpha Action Points

–                      Have a think and try out a few different relaxing activities. As mentioned in the text this activity can be absolutely anything. Anything that relaxes you and leaves you feeling more refreshed and chilled

–                      Book off a five-minute period during the day that you will allocate to this activity. It could simply be stopping and breathing. Nothing can change this appointment

–                      It really helps to write this in your diary/phone/calendar etc as this makes it more like an appointment you must keep

 Remember, you at 100% for 1 hour is much more beneficial and enjoyable for you and everyone else than you at 40% for 3hours!

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